Amazon Herbal Blend | Hakuna Hemp Preroll | 1g


Hakuna Hemp Stix is a 1g CBD Herbal Preroll contains approximately 27mg of CBD. Rolled in house Hakuna Supply blends the perfect melody of USDA Certified Organic leafs and roots with our renown Hobarts Haze. This smooth and easy to smoke preroll offers natural relief from stress & anxiety. We offer a variety of packaging options so you can find the perfect fit for your lifestyle

-2 Pack with Reusable Doobtube, and Cork Top.

-10 Pack with Reusable Jar

-20 Pack with Reusable Jar

Ingredients: Hobarts Haze, Red Raspberry, Mullein, Mugwort, Lavender Flowers, Calamus, Passion Flower, Lobelia, Calendula Flowers, Clove and Fair Trade Vanilla Bean.

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