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Now that Cannabis is set to be legalized in New Jersey, many are left wondering how to get licensing, start a business cannabis industry, about how to make sure you stay compliant with current regulations, and other effects of the legalization on various areas such as immigration. These rules and regulations can be confusing and difficult to wade through, especially when cannabis remains unlawful at the federal level. We’re here to help.

Those interested in the new and exciting market of the cannabis industry in NJ need to make sure they are complying with all of the local, state, and federal laws. We can keep you up to date with what the FDA, FDCA, and Industrial Hemp Farm Bill says, we can help make sure you are advertising and labeling your products pursuant to regulation and generally adhering to all the necessary requirements to keep your business continuing on a path to success.

Criminal, Immigration, and other Potential Consequences

In terms of legalization, some may also be worried about the effects the new laws will have on those who already may have marijuana convictions. It is still currently unknown as to whether expungements will be processed for those who already have convictions. The current proposed bill does not contain any type of language as to allow for expungements or address any other social justice concerns. We pride ourselves in keeping up to date on expungements as well as the effects any expungement or post-conviction relief may have on your immigration applications.

It’s important to note that just because marijuana consumption may be legal on a state level, it is not yet legal on a federal level and can still carry detrimental consequences for those reasons. Additionally, much like our immigration practice, the landscape of the cannabis law practice remains changing on a regular basis. Our attorneys are ready and equipped to handle such changes and here to help you with these unique and rapidly developing regulations as New Jersey becomes another state in our nation to legalize recreational cannabis.

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