CBD Flower Recommendations : TheOCS

Hey, looking for a great CBD flower. I have bad lower back pain and knees. Problems sleeping as well. I’m a light weight when it comes to getting high, I know indica is great for late night.

Also any recommendations for a sativa? Now with the weather being nice I like to walk the dog for an hour or so at night. Be in my own little world while walking and somewhat exercising.

I made the mistake the other night think it was a hybrid, Ace Valley CBD. My joints and back and body felt great, but let me tell you, walking a 100lbs American Bulldog for an hour, all I wanted to do was lay down on the soft grass and take a nap.

So good Indica for pain and sleep, CBD.

And good CBD Sativa to I guess be alert but feel good physically.

I don’t think I can handle anything that gonna get me “ ripped “ lol. Just a mellow high.

Thanks in advance.

Also I like flowers just because of grinding, rolling and smoking. I know I could use capsules. If you recommend any good ones, for sleep and pain, I’ll look into those. Maybe give it a try.

Thanks again.

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