Feeling dissociative days after smoking?

Im unsure if this is the best place to post this but here it is anyways. Ive smoked only a handful of times, all of which im usually with my girlfriend who i trust and i enjoy it! We vibe out, get the munchies and just enjoy our time. Usually after i smoke the day after I just feel out of it, im not high but mentally im not all there, dissociated even. But usually the day after that im all good! The last time i did it was around 3 days ago and im still feeling this way, i find it hard to listen to people to talk and to have a normal conversation, i have to ask everyone to repeat themselves, i hear them initially but i don’t really hear them. Or i can feel things but at the same time not. Is it normal to experience this feeling this many days after smoking? I usually smoke from a pen if that means anything. Any help or response is helpful

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