Hanu Labs, a leading California-based cannabis technology company appoints first African …

Joining the cannabis industry during the proposition 215 era, Mr Willis has been a cannabis advocate and voice in the cannabis community, actively supporting community-based organizations through donations and community service. He is fiercely dedicated to providing education that promotes the understanding and normalization of cannabis. Mr Willis also serves as a committee member on the California Statewide Cannabis & Hemp Joint Apprenticeship Committee which was established by the Governor of California to create hemp and cannabis employee training programs in post secondary institutions in the state.

Hanu Labs is promoting diversity and inclusion in a profound way and our company is ensuring its Executive Management team represents the faces, minds, and voices of the cannabis space.” said CEO Ricardo Willis. “It’s imperative that businesses in the cannabis industry have equal representation in the corporate structure. “My goal at the beginning of my journey was to navigate the emerging corporate sector of cannabis, I had no issue with working from the ground level up to the C suite. I would say mission accomplished, but now the real work begins!”

Founder and former CEO Seibo Shen will move into the Chief Product Officer role to focus exclusively on new product development. “Hanu Labs, a pioneer in the cannabis vaporization space, was conceived on the basis of creativity, innovation and forward thinking” said Seibo Shen. “Ricardo’s appointment speaks directly to our core values and commitment to remain an industry leader in all areas. Diversity is the mission to bring together creative minds of all different backgrounds.”

About Hanu Labs

Hanu Labs™ (Hanu), a San Francisco Bay Area-based vaporizer company and developer of highly awarded Vapexhale and Hanu products, is a design-driven technology company focused on creating innovative and affordable vaporization products through human-centered product design and partnerships.

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