Just a rant

This is just a rant. Nothing of value here… I’m just feeling super pessimistic today. I keep hearing how the majority of Americans want legal cannabis and yet the shithead government-that’s supposed to work for us, refuses to legalize. And please save your partisan arguments. Yes I know that he republicans want to legislate morality and are opposed to legalization. Fuck them for that. But in my entire life (I’m mid 40’s) I’ve never seen the democrat party do anything more than pay lip service to legalization (I’m talking federal level here-I understand it’s legal in some states.) Biden has mentioned decriminalizing cannabis but then studying it for long term effects. Fuck that. Legalize it. It’s what most of us want. Also, the US gov has a grow lab in Mississippi and has been prescribing cannabis to a select few people for decades. I met a woman with a federal prescription in 2009 at Hempfest in Olympia, WA. She wasn’t the first to get that fed prescription. So the study is there. They know. Yet still it’s illegal. I work damn hard. I served my country, fought in a bullshit war that shouldn’t have happened to begin with, I go to work, I pay my taxes, I take care of myself, donate to charities that align with my values, keep my house looking nice, try to be a good neighbor, etc. But I work for a company that has random piss tests but I’m free to eat all the junk food I want, drink, smoke cigarettes, and completely destroy my body but god forbid I sit in my living room and smoke a joint. One hot piss test and I lose my job which means I can’t pay my mortgage which means I lose my house. For being irresponsible, my wife would probably leave me and I would end up on the streets with nothing-all because of a goddamn plant that’s only illegal because two racist motherfuckers were worried about their personal losses. Sidebar here, fuck the dea for still praising that piece of shit Harry anslinger. I hope there’s a hell just for him.

I don’t know anyone who is opposed to legalization with the exception of my boomer dad who loves to complain about “the damn dopers” and a couple of hard right bible thumper relatives who believe it’s a plant put here to tempt us by satan (eye roll emoji.)

I even asked my doctor his opinion about cannabis for a medical condition I have. I don’t live in a legal state. He said “ I have many patients who have confided in me about their cannabis use for the same issue you have. While I don’t know medically if there are long term negative effects, I can say that 100% of my patients who have admitted to sing cannabis have reported much better results than anything I’ve prescribed to them.” He went on to tell me he wouldn’t advise me using it because he knows I have random drug tests at my office.

Anyway, fuck you politicians. Fuck you for obeying your corporate masters and shitting on we the people. Fuck each and everyone of you.

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