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New Delhi [India], December 11 (ANI/SRV Media): The need for a preventive and curative vaccine to combat the growing Covid-19 virus is the need of the hour.With over 170 countries around the world in a race to develop the first vaccine for coronavirus, researchers and scientists are treading the path, not without challenges.
A critical review of vaccine technologies is as follows:
Inactivated viral vaccine approach: Research was conducted on ferrets and nonhuman primates and a virus-like-particle vaccine on mice induced protection against the SARS-COV. However, the challenged animals exhibited an immunopathologic-type lung disease
Adeno Vector based Vaccine: Recent trials data from Oxford University, a leading player in the advance stage of vaccine development produced mixed results. As per the findings of ex-professor at Harvard Medical School, all of the vaccinated monkeys treated with the Oxford vaccine became infected when challenged, as judged by recovery of virus genomic RNA from nasal secretions.
Live-attenuated virus approach: Live virus vaccines deliver long term protection but often need extensive safety testing as recombination in viruses can create a new template for the infection. DNA vaccine candidates trigger relatively weak immune responses because the plasmids are not efficiently taken up by cells.
mRNA Vaccines: This is an experimental therapy that involves delivering messenger RNA to signal the production of necessary proteins in the human body to counter the virus. The challenges related to overcoming immune response and effectiveness in producing sufficient amounts of proteins are not well known. In a paper in Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, Drew Weissman, MD, PhD, an expert in mRNA technology stated that based on findings from rabies and flu mRNA vaccines results are modest and the side effects are also not trivial.
Ancient science combined with Nanobiotechnology – a possible cure:
Cepharanthine: Top inhibitor of Corona family of viruses in drug screening of 2406 compounds
BioSilver-CEP Oral Spray-
A patent-pending formulation based on the combination of bio-silver nanoparticles loaded with Cepharanthine (CEP) is currently being developed by scientists from QuickGun Lifescience.
They started researching scientific evidence related to available solutions and it was found that Cepharanthine is the most potent inhibitor in drug screening. The team claims a double attack strategy of targeting viral glycoproteins by both the ingredients to reduce viral load. Further, there is a coating of PEG to clear accumulation from the liver and spleen.
They selected two active ingredients that target the viral membrane-silver nanoparticles are known to bind the glycoprotein knobs in HIV and other viruses. The plant-derived alkaloid Cepharanthine (CEP) also targets the glycoprotein in the coronavirus and further prevents it from replicating. Both these ingredients target glycoprotein through different pathways disrupting the viral envelope and prevent the virus from replicating.
CBD-CEP Oral Spray –
Further, a provisional patent has been filed for a formulation of cannabidiol (CBD) and Cepharanthine (CEP) for synergistic action against COVID. CBD prevents the virus from attaching to cells by blocking ACE2 receptors and CEP binds to glycoprotein and prevents the virus from replicating. Cytokine storm is the major reason for mortality in COVID patients and both CBD and CEP have superior anti-inflammatory properties to reduce cytokine cascade. CBD-THC acts on both endocannabinoid system as well as bradykinin (excess of which may cause fluid buildup). This is being considered as adjuvant therapy to treat COVID and reduce cytokine response. Being a plant-derived molecule, the product can be fast-tracked to market and THC can be removed from the equation thus negating the psychoactive concerns.
Topical Liquid – A stealth project involving application of our patent pending products through dermal delivery method. This product overcomes challenges related to toxicity and psychoactive issues, if any.
The concept of QuickGun LifeScience is to reduce the viral load using phytochemicals so that natural body immune system can take over and subdue the minimized viral load. This will allow immune cells to retain memory against virus for long time. This mechanism is similar to vaccine. Additional active ingredients of CBD-THC combination reduce inflammation through the endocannabinoid system and bradykinin. Thus, QuickGun LifeScience believes that pandemic can be ended without fast-track vaccines and resorting to natural tweaking of human defense system to subdue virus.
Subramani Naidu, Promoter, QuickGun LifeScience said “COVID presents a new challenge to science which requires an interdisciplinary understanding to tackle it effectively. We foresee Biosilver-CEP or CBD-CEP formulation as an effective and important adjuvant with current drug therapy to reduce the viral load and decrease the mortality rate as well as stop-gap measure till effective and safe vaccine is developed”
Partners for global commercialization of the products may send enquires to Adhya BioScience (Research Partner & Shareholder), http://www.adhyabio.com/
To know more about Biosilver CEP, please visit: http://www.quickgunlife.com/
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