Research Indicates CBD Does Not Impair Driving Ability

A new study conducted by Australian and Dutch research experts and published in JAMA looked at how CBD impacts driving, and it found that while THC can definitely cause driving impairment issues, there is not yet any evidence that CBD alone can.

“With rapidly changing attitudes towards medical and non-medical use of cannabis, driving under the influence of cannabis is emerging as an important and somewhat controversial public health issue,” said Iain McGregor of the University of Sydney, who worked on the study. “While some previous studies have looked at the effects of cannabis on driving, most have focused on smoked cannabis containing only THC (not CBD) and have not precisely quantified the duration of impairment.”

As cannabis legalization sweeps the nation, CBD is becoming very widely accepted. It is legal across the U.S., and many use CBD products often for pain relief, even if they don’t use THC because it is illegal or they don’t want the high, so this is very important information to have access to.

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