December 29, 2020

Expansion and Innovation Reflected in Name Change

JACKSON, NJ, Dec. 29, 2020 –Rx Depot, the company which for the past decade supplied the cannabis industry with a wide variety of packaging solutions, has brought on board an additional exclusive in-house line of products and technology for the regulated cannabis and the entire CBD product industries. To reflect the wider range of products now available, RX Depot will henceforth be known as RXD Co, the company offering all outer-ware for cannabis dispensaries and businesses.

RX Depot has always been a forward-thinking packaging solution company. The company sourced and offered a full range of compliance packaging, with added safety features and control measures which ensured full compliance with standards. That stays the same with the company’s rebrand. What it now also offers is an exclusive inhouse brand of expansive options for cartridges, vape pens, power sources, and more. This inhouse brand exceeds standards and is unique in carrying liability coverage, too!

RXD Co has now also positioned itself to simultaneously be a brand experience provider, offering custom logo imprints and brand emblazoned cannabis packaging and gear that brings value to the cannabis industry retailer or dispensary. Clients turn to RXD Co to amplify their unique brands and receive design solutions for packaging and hardware.

“Having become a premium supplier of high-quality packaging, we now are scaling up to offer more to our valued customers,” said Orah Nesher, Director of Marketing. “As the cannabis industry grows exponentially, we aim to scale up with the market as it expands. It is about getting to know our clients, know their needs, and finding them the perfect fit of packaging solutions, vape hardware, concentrate packaging and other dynamic B2B solutions.”

RXD Co will continue to focus on customer service, excellence and high standards of safety that has made it a go-to trusted supplier to the dispensary marketplace. The rebrand reflects RXD Co’s intention to be the premier customer-centric B2B packaging and hardware solution provider for the Cannabis marketplace. Its products have always been cutting-edge, innovative and excellent, but with the continuing trend of states legalizing cannabis, this leading B2B supplier is staying ahead of the curve and curating the perfect packaging and hardware solutions that look to the future.

For more information, visit www.rxdco.comor call 1-844-793-3768

MEDIA CONTACT: Orah Nesher, Director of Marketing

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