Shock Shock The Democrats Now Start The Slow Pull Back From Federal Regulation

Just published by Bloomberg and now we have actually two determining political moves through the Democrats inside your home whom now seem like they could be getting back in a tidy that is nice behind Biden’s desire for decriminalization and expungements but nothing so daring as proper regulation

The article talks about

A) Patrick J. Kennedy, the former eight-term congressman and son of the late Senator Ted Kennedy, wants to be the next White House drug czar but the marijuana industry is dead-set against him. Kennedy, who speaks openly about his struggle that is life-long with punishment, is currently an advocate for all those with psychological state and addiction dilemmas. He prefers pot that is allowing medical reasons but opposes legalization


B) Kamala’s sudden change of heart… Harris’s positions are now the same as Biden’s, a Harris aide said, asking not to be identified because the vice president has not publicly weighed in on the issue. A White House official declined to comment on who is being considered for the job.

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