Side Effects Of CBD Oil In Dogs

There is a hesitance that comes moments before giving a new holistic product or supplement to your pet. How will they respond? Will it help them or harm them? Are there possible side effects?

While dosing your dogs and cats with CBD oil may be done with some trepidation, it’s good to know what to expect. This way, when your dog suddenly has an upset stomach, you know why and can adjust its dose. Pet parents want to keep their companions safe.

So before you dose your pet with your newly purchased CBD products, let’s unpack the topic of potential side effects. We would never wish these CBD side effects on anyone and wish your pet a positive encounter with using CBD oil.

Health benefits of CBD Oil For Dogs

Let’s start with all the good you can expect from giving your dog CBD oil products. CBD stands for cannabidiol, and manufacturers extract it from the hemp cannabis plant. The plant is rich with plant compounds that help maintain balance amongst the many functions in your pet’s body through their endocannabinoid system.

People respond in the same way, and research on people has shown some astounding results. Pet owners have tried CBD products for their pets and have seen a similar reaction.

Good quality CBD oils can help your pet in the following ways:


Is your pet’s body strained from an energetic run in the park? Or are they struggling with joint function due to inherited disease? CBD oil may support healthy joints, ease stiffness, and support normal flexibility.


Fearful and nervous pets have a hard time calming down. CBD may promote relaxation and keep your pet calm. Environment stresses, separation, changes to routine, fireworks, travel, or tension can make pets hyperactive. Using dog CBD can support normal emotional balance.


CBD oil can help maintain physical and mental well-being. By supporting the body’s immune system, heart, and brain function, CBD is a holistic helper. Your old dog will be able to learn new tricks after all, as CBD can support regular healthy brain activity.

When it comes to skin health, CBD hemp oils may help with allergic reactions and skin irritations.


CBD provides antioxidant support. Antioxidants work to neutralize the effects of chronic inflammation in the body against cellular damage from free radicals. If your dog is experiencing discomfort from swelling, trauma, surgery, or illness-related discomfort, CBD oils may help the body maintain a normal inflammatory response.

Risks of Using CBD Oil for Dogs

Pet owners increase the risks of using CBD when they carelessly buy CBD products without making sure it’s the best quality. Research into the benefits and safety of CBD for pets is in the primary stages. However, here is what we do know about the cannabis plant and its most well-known compounds:

Cannabidiol is found in cannabis plants, both the hemp and marijuana plants. It’s essential to make sure that the CBD oil you buy for your pup is from hemp. Here is why:

More than eighty biologically active chemical compounds are found in cannabis, and most of them are great. However, one compound, THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, gives consumers psychological effects or a “high.”

THC is found in the marijuana plant and is the reason weed is surrounded with a smoky cloud of skepticism and legality. THC is toxic for dogs and cats and can be fatal.

When the source of your dog’s CBD product is unknown and untested, there is no guarantee that there is no THC in the oil. Hemp CBD oil will naturally contain less than 0.3% of THC, an irrelevant and harmless amount.

Make sure you only buy hemp-derived CBD oil for dogs from a trustworthy brand. Confidence in the brand will ease your concerns and possibly provide more promising effects of CBD oil.

Side Effects of CBD Oil in Dogs

Due to the absence of THC, there are very few possible side effects in dogs who have been given CBD oil. This may explain why it’s such a popular holistic option for dogs and cats.

However, some pets are sensitive and can display non-threatening side effects. Look out for these symptoms and help your dog to overcome them. If you’re lucky, you may find that your four-legged friend exhibits none of these potential side effects at all.

Dry Mouth

The use of CBD can lead to a decrease in the production of saliva. This will leave your doggo with a dry mouth and, subsequently, excessive thirst.

Slight Lethargy

CBD can promote relaxation in animals, so your four-legged friend might seem a little heavy-eyed when they’re first introduced to CBD. Depending on the product, CBD takes between 20 – 60 minutes to affect your furbaby.

They should seem calmer and more content, but if they nod off and nap for the rest of the day, then you may need to adjust their dose. Your doggo should have awake and energetic moments, but a dog that is too faint is concerning.

Lowered Blood Pressure

If you administer too high a dose of CBD to your pet, it may cause a temporary drop in blood pressure. The reduction itself is small, but it can create a fleeting feeling of lightheadedness and nausea in your pup.


If you’ve ever introduced a new food or supplement to your dog’s healthcare regimen, you probably already know that diarrhea is almost an expected side effect. In most cases, carrier oil and not the CBD itself can trigger the gastrointestinal upset.

What to do if a Dog Experiences Side Effects

The important thing is to closely monitor your dog’s mood and activity levels when first introducing CBD so that you can best determine the perfect dose for your pup. Many brands suggest starting your pet on the lowest possible dosage for their weight and gradually increasing it.

When you’ve reached the average dosage allowance for your pet, then you can settle on that allowance, making sure that they don’t struggle with any of the side effects of CBD.

Here are Five ways to Help Dogs Overcome Their CBD Side Effects:

  1. Give them plenty of water for their dry mouth.

  2. Offer CBD at mealtime as opposed to on an empty stomach to reduce nausea and upset stomach.

  3. Let them sleep it off.

  4. Feed them a bland, wet dog food.

  5. Change their dosage.

If you’ve noticed any of the mentioned side effects, then it can easily be remedied by giving your dog less CBD. A general dosing guideline falls within the range of 1-5 mg of CBD per 10lbs of body weight. Keep in mind that CBD hemp oil is safe for your pet; you will just have to adjust their dosage.

Can Dogs Overdose on CBD oil?

Hemp-derived CBD is safe and non-toxic for your pet. It cannot make them high. A recent study by the Frontiers of Veterinary Science was performed to determine the safety of escalating doses in healthy dogs.

Researchers found that: “In dogs, CBD has shown to be well-tolerated at doses ranging from 2 to 2.5 mg/kg twice daily for 4 or 12 weeks to 5 or 10 mg/kg twice daily for six weeks.” That’s a pretty high dose. You need to use your discretion and find the balance between a sufficient amount that makes a difference without upsetting your pet’s activity levels, blood pressure, and stomach.

Sometimes our dogs need extra support for their bodies. If you’d like to offer your dog the maximum dosage for their body weight, remember to slowly increase their allowance and monitor possible side effects of CBD. Be sure to stay within the recommended dosage range for your dog’s weight whenever offering them CBD.

Things to Look for When Buying CBD for Your Pet

Just because it has a “CBD for dogs” label on it, it doesn’t mean it’s the real deal. Not all CBD products are created equally, and it’s essential to buy a good quality product to ensure a safe outcome.

Good quality oil is also less likely to trigger potential side effects in your dog. Here are a few must-haves to ensure you’ve chosen the very best CBD oil for your dog:

  1. Organic Farming Practices. CBD you buy should be organic, non-GMO, soy-free, 100% natural, full-spectrum (from CO2 extraction), and human-grade. It should come from hemp plants and not marijuana to ensure the 0.3% THC content.

  2. Full Spectrum is Best! CBD oils come in isolate oil, broad and full spectrum. While all of these options will benefit your furbaby, a full spectrum CBD for dogs is full of terpenes and other beneficial cannabinoids. Together, terpenes and cannabinoids in full-spectrum CBD oil encourage the endocannabinoid system to operate at a more efficient level.

  3. Approved, Transparent and Lab Tested. Finally, only buy CBD oil for dogs that have been lab-tested by a third party. Companies that have been through this process should display a certificate of analysis (COA). These documents ensure quality and safety, allowing you to check its chemical makeup. You can then check on the THC levels, which should be no more than 0.3%.

CBD for Dogs, All You Need to Know

The World Health Organization has concluded that “CBD is generally well-tolerated with a good safety profile.” CBD is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any ailments. It cannot prevent disease. However, it may be beneficial in supporting the endocannabinoid system’s functions and serve as a supportive holistic option for your four-legged friend.

Introducing CBD dog treats, tinctures, or other hemp plant products to your pet’s wellness routine can be an exciting process. Take care by choosing a trustworthy brand, knowing the correct dosage measure for your dog, and speaking to your veterinarian about any interactions with other medications your dog may be taking.

We know you want the best for your fur child, and so do we. At Honest Paws, we seek to answer all your questions and provide you with CBD products that tick all right boxes in safety, certification, and quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can dogs have bad reactions to CBD?

Hemp-derived CBD oil is safe and non-toxic for your pet; it cannot make them high. It is with an incorrect dosage that some non-threatening side effects of CBD can occur.

How long does it take for CBD oil to affect dogs?

Depending on the product, CBD takes between 20 -60 minutes to affect your furbaby. CBD oil under your pet’s tongue will have the quickest reaction.

What are the side effects of CBD oil?

Due to the absence of THC, there are very few possible side effects in dogs who have been given CBD oil. However, some dogs are susceptible and can display non-threatening side effects such as dry mouth, lethargy, low blood pressure, and diarrhea.

Can CBD kill a dog?

No, CBD will not kill your dog. However, when the source of your dog’s CBD product is unknown and untested, there is no guarantee that there is no THC in the oil.

THC in marijuana is toxic for dogs and cats and can be fatal. Hemp CBD oil will naturally contain less than 0.3% of THC, an irrelevant and harmless amount. Make sure you only buy hemp-derived CBD oil for dogs from a trustworthy brand.

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