TIL we have legal thc in 41 states (U.S.)

So today I learned that thc is legal in 41 (I could be off a few) states. It’s called delta 8 thc and apparently it became federally legal when congress passed the 2018 Farm Bill. I don’t understand all the laws behind how it’s legal, but it’s a natural cannabinoid that is less potent than delta 9 thc. My friends live in another state and have been telling me about it but I didn’t believe them until mine came in the mail and I tried it. I was expecting something like cbd but it got me stoned. It wasn’t as strong as delta 9 thc but it was far from something like cbd. I don’t have legal delta 9 thc in my state but I’m honestly fine using this from here on out. Anyone else use delta 8? I really can’t believe that I haven’t known about this for the last 2 years.

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