4,321 cannabis arrests. Those arrest that is elevated are an integral part of a multi-year trend—for days gone by seven years in Japan, each year leads to a greater quantity of cannabis arrests compared to year before.

how come Japan therefore Anti-Pot?The Japanese have a history that is long cannabis. A small but segment that is old of utilized hemp the way in which so it’s been utilized all over the world for several thousand years: for paper, textile, and medication. However when the usa brought its “reefer madness paranoia that is the island country, the Japanese adopted laws that did not reflect reality.

Continue Reading Below Today, Japanese anti-drug measures are notoriously rigid. In fact, the societal and attitude that is political any psychoactive substance, including cannabis (but ironically, maybe not liquor), closely reflects US sentiment toward medication usage during the top regarding the war on medications. Nobody is protected from general public scrutiny. Celebrities

in america are nearly likely to smoke weed and they are either praised, ridiculed, or pitied if caught. In Japan, being arrested for cannabis control is a publicity disaster that is career-ending. Shows are canceled, products are pulled off shelves, and the guilty parties are subject to prison sentences, fines, and a much more future that is limited just what they’re used to. But things can be changing. Recently, Yusuke Iseya, a celebrity that is widely admired more than 20 years of experience in TV and film, was raided and arrested for cannabis. The government that is initial news reaction ended up being typical. Nevertheless, certainly one of Iseya’s co-stars praised their work ethic and stated she seemed ahead to working together with him once again, an indirect but detour that is obvious the regularly scheduled condemnation. Moreover, the studio producing Iseya’s film that is upcoming*)announced it would carry on aided by the task, “based on our view that the movie as well as the person are very different things.”

The proven fact that these small attitudinal changes represent a departure that is dramatic Japan’s conventional reaction to cannabis use is telling. It a (*)weed-free(*) vacation if you plan to travel to Japan, consider making. Even when minds are gradually just starting to alter, you’re not likely to find sympathizers that are many to be of assistance in the event that you get caught smoking pot in Japan. (*)

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